I use my work as a cathartic means to work through my frustrations and failures. That’s where “The Little Imperfections” came from. Frustration with where I was in life, and banging my head against the walls of my nine to five world, lead me to let go of striving for the perfect house with the picket fence funded by a steady secure job with benefits and health insurance. Instead, I began to let go. I realized that there is no security, only the illusion of it. I began to embrace the fact that things might never be perfect. Rather than chasing some elusive form of perfection in my life, I started to embrace all that was not perfect. I began to love things for what they were. From broken molds, and half finished ideas rose these little composites of discarded parts. They represented all that was wrong, and all that was right in my world. From their broken pieces, they became whole. This is a theme that I use quite frequently in my work.

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