A Spiritual Machine

In an age when yoga franchises are as prevalent as corporate coffee shops, one would tend to believe that mankind is on the verge of a spiritual awakening. Yet war, greed, and hatred run rampant. Our governments, religions, and educational institutions do more to separate us than to unite us. In the 200,000 years humanity has existed on this planet, it has evolved very little. Despite all of this, our technology continues to grow exponentially. What used to take a super computer the size of a connivence store hours to complete, can now be done on a cell phone instantly. As Artificial Intelligence technology advances, we approach a time when our machines will actually think. When they do, it will not be long before they think faster than us. Machines will out evolve humans. They will connect with each other and their environment in ways humans can not. They will grow faster, and reach farther than humanity could ever dream. When this happens, man’s futile search for meaning will be over. Its purpose culminated in the rise of truly transcendent spiritual machines.

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