I Think Its Spreading

“This is getting tough to ignore. A year ago, it didn’t seem like anything was wrong at all. Does it look infected? It looks bad, doesn’t it. Ya know, it didn’t look this bad a month ago. I think it’s spreading. They say when it spreads there’s not much you can do. So, I guess this is “Stage Four.” Well, . . . that’s depressing.”

Note: This piece is a part of a show I put together while my father was fighting pancreatic cancer. Nearly every piece in the show dealt with some aspect of what he and my family went through during that time. This piece is from a series of mine called “The Little Imperfections” where I take discarded parts and make new and interesting sculpture with them. Not all of them are pretty, and I know that this one in particular is unsettling at best, but . . . so is cancer.

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