“The Masquerade” an exploration of the bizarre and the beautiful.

What started out as a project highlighting the juxtaposition of the strange masks and the eloquent beauty of the human form, has grown into a living breathing world that I am just beginning to discover. These images evolved out of a narrative I had in the back of my mind for sometime. Or maybe the narrative evolved from them? In any case, these are inhabitants of a fantasy world I am developing. Each one its own character with its own back story and purpose. When embarking on this project, I created a series of masks, and helmets. I then photographed people wearing them in the studio, and in different outdoor locations. The result was a ride through the imagination. Where would this creature live? What would it do? What is its purpose? I’m still trying to answer some of these questions. Look for the novel to be completed in the autumn of 2018.

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